Ben in control of BBC 6 Music this Sunday (Sep 23) and needs you to help him pick the playlist

Posted by BBC6Music

This Sunday (Sep 23) on BBC 6 Music we have Ben Folds controlling the show with the help of YOU on Twitter.

Basically, the idea is that he picks a few tracks to get the ball rolling and after that he fills the rest of the playlist based on suggestions which you Tweet him using #BenFolds56Music.

The show will go out between 6-8pm (GMT) and you'll be able to listen live here - <a href="" title=""></a>.

There's more info as well on our blog - <a href="" title=""></a>.

What do you think he should play?! It's up to you!!


What a great album! You guys never disappoint!!!!! I am so bummed I just missed you guys in Atlanta! Please tell me you will be here or nearby again soon!