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Ben Folds Fifty-Five Vault

Posted by jmelrose

I just downloaded the album! It's fantastic. Can't wait to get the CD to go with it and fill a playlist with 100 slices of Ben Folds goodness!

A few notes/requests regarding the Vault:

1. Lossless? FLAC or Apple Lossless, please? As someone who re-released an album less than a year after its release to cater to his audiophile fans, that would be great, and sure, I'd pay a bit extra for it.

2. The tags on the download are ok, but considering it's almost all alternative versions, putting the nature of the alternative version (live/demo/guest artist/etc) into the tag (as it has been done on the website) would be great. Alternately, a PDF with that information (and maybe even some liner notes) would be fantastic.

In addition, there are some errors in the tags, both with capitalization (sorry, I'm a teacher) and also with the actual artist (I think only songs "With Ben Folds Five") not having Ben Folds Five listed as the artist consistently. Some tracks are, others aren't.

As it's early (and it's not even the release date yet), maybe these issues can be examined before the big rush of people once they get their CDs.

Either way, thanks to Ben for making all this material available. It will be a great weekend on my stereo!