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Ben Folds Show at Harrah's Tahoe

Posted by asauler

I was super excited to see the Ben Folds Five show on Feb. 2 at Harrah's in Tahoe. It was my first show, and my boyfriend and I could not wait to hear these guys play. My boyfriend has pretty much every album--every live recording, every studio recording--and he is the person repsonsible for sharing this fantastic music with me! Ben Folds music really speaks to both of us. We're both musicians, so we can appreciate the talent these 3 guys possess. Ben's playing is so....AWESOME!!! His voice, the harmonies, the tightness of the group, the lyrics, the music, the orchestration....for us it's an expereience we enjoy. Because we've been involved in performance, playing shows and writing our own music, we both have tremendous respect for what Ben Folds is. To me, these guys are true musicians, bringing us REAL MUSIC--unlike a lot of the stuff we hear coming out these days under the guise of music. So to me, if one was to attend a Ben Folds show, he or she should understand the nature of what Ben Folds 5 is all about. And if you didn't understand their music, I wonder why you would bother to purchase a ticket.

I bring all this up because I was utterly embarrassed by the behavior of the audience at this show. I have NEVER been to a concert where the audience acted like a bunch of uncontrolled animals. I mean, I've been to plenty of shows where people get wild and have fun, but that's not what I mean. It was almost as if the guys were there to offer background music. The people were so disrespectful, talking loudly over the quiet parts of the songs, demanding they play something else when the group was already in the middle of a song, saying stupid things like "you're putting me to sleep!" during "Narcolepsy." It was irritating for me, and I was just a crowd member. I can't imagine how disheartening it must have been for the boys on stage. Even the sound guy seemed utterly disinterested. He was rudely on his cell phone, laying across his sound board and just being a distraction in general. And believe me, Ben noticed it. He tried to make light of the situation, but there's only so much humor a person can put toward rudeness.

And the thing is, the trio was AWESOME!!! Those of us who were there to listen really had a great time. We tried to tune out the talkers and hecklers and just enjoy the music. I wanted to hear more of Ben's stories, wanted to hear more songs, wanted to give this group the respect they deserve. Unfortunately, this posed challenging. One guy actually stormed over to a group of especially loud, obnoxious drunken idiots and told them to shut up. They did, but others were there to cause more chaos. When Ben Folds didn't do an encore, my boyfriend and I weren't surprised. After all, if we had to deal with such a disrespectful audience, we'd be getting off that stage as soon as we could. We were disappointed, though. There were so many songs we were hoping to hear, and we were pumped for that encore.

I don't know if the guys of Ben Folds actually read these posts, but I want to apologize for the utter disregard and lack of decorum the audience showed you. You three didn't deserve that. Hell, your opening act got more respect than you. Those poeple were a disgrace. Those of us who were listening enjoyed you immensely. Mike (my bf) and I were very impressed and will definitely take in another one of your shows at the first opportunity. We're both originally from Philly, and if there's one thing east coasters appreciate, its good music. So, thank you for a wonderful evening. You guys are a treasure to us. Your music will continue to inspire us for years to come. And by the way, I love the new stuff!! I really liked "Erase Me."

Good luck with the rest of your tour!!