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Ben Folds Super-Rares

Posted by Andrew

I know we've just had a giant cluster of previously unreleased stuff from the man himself, but there's still quite a large amount of tracks which aren't available to buy anywhere.

The purpose of this thread is to help each other find some of the really old songs - demo albums, earlier records etc etc.

Personally, I have the Majosha album 'Shut Up and Listen to Majosha' as well as a 1990 demo album by Ben, featuring some of the songs from the first BFF album.
I'm still looking for the 'Five Songs about Jesus' EP, so if anyone has it, I'll be your friend forever.

I wouldn't recommend posting direct links to downloads, the thread could get removed, or at least the uploaded file.

However, if you're interested in the two albums I have, just send me a facebook message.
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