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Call me disappinted

Posted by Charliework

I'm sorry, but this album isn't worthy of "the five".

Let me tell you that when I first discovered BFF in the 90's I listed to the HELL out of the first album for a year before moving to the second album. What I loved about it was the fact that it used real names of real people, real experiences, and let you into the life of Ben almost as if you were his best friend. Not to mention that "indie" sound and refusal to add any guitar (sorry, "Emaline").

I'm a huge fan. I own every single, EP, LP that Ben had produced post-Rheinhold Messner. But this album isn't PERSONAL like the rest. The other BFF albums were personal affairs that were like looking at a picture album from when the boys were young and their mother was telling us stories about scraped knees and childhood crushes. This album seems uninspired and lacking of anything that, if you will, 'lets us in' to BFF.

I will pre-order the next album, like any dedicated fan. I don't expect perfection any time. But when the buildup is 13 years I can't help but express a little letdown. Perhaps it's my fault, because the boys have grown up and 'been through life', but I prefer the childlike attitude toward songwriting that I grew so attached to. Sure, this album has pretty moments, but it won't make it into my car's CD player. And that is the truly sad thing.

Please go ahead and rip me if you will, but I'm just being honest. Sorry Ben, Darren, and Jessee.



That's funny...I can't get the new album out of my car CD player. Smile

"I'm a huge fan." "Sorry Ben, Darren, and Jessee."

Yah, real big fan here! lol