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being a long time Ben Folds fan, I too am disappointed in the lack of any contact info for fan correspondence out here too. Although I have always considered him one of the more accessible artist, I guess he has gotten too big for that. Understandable. Things like that happen. Sitting here watching the WASO dvd now. Fantastic!!!
Hailing from Greensboro NC and with 2 cousins who attended RJ Reynolds High, I will always consider Ben a hometown boy and am glad he reached his dreams.
I was a member of Facebook for awhile, but got into trouble and have since dropped out of the social network scheme of things. Looks like that is the only form of communication anymore. Oh well. Ben is still great and I hope before I die I can see him again.


Hello, I'm Vlad. I come from the cold Russia. You say that you know well and you've lost Ben in touch with him in communion?Laughing out loud