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Fan Club?????

Posted by rebsbel

The pfofj seems to have been appropriated by an insurance company or something. What's going on? With no fan club, how will I get my presale tickets? Don't leave me stranded, Ben! Waiting for you in Northampton and Boston. It's about a year since we've been in the same room; I can't take it much longer! xoxo, becca


Our fan club still seems to be in limbo. Feeling very frustrated at the state of the fan clubs / community and feel a touch high and dry. I too was an 'original fan club' member, as well as TPFofJ. I've been a passionate member/fan/supporter for years and even just now suddenly find my original log-in credentials don't work! What the!? I'm not too happy that I have to create a new account so that I can post after all these years. Sad

I thought that TPFOJ was a terrific concept, i joined up, and I have been confused as to where they have gone and how I can join up to any and all new BF(5) Fan Club! I was ALSO a person who signed up to the Ben Folds Sixth Man Cruise (I wish it had happened, but at least it prompted me to get a passport! XD )

Please bring back TPFOJ... or perhaps even TJPF! Whatever form it takes, count me in and sign me up, and I will gladly give them some money for Ben Folds!!!!

Came by to renew my old (lapsed) fan club rego and find it is no more?? Sad

Joined the first Ben Folds Fan Club as soon as it formed. Had reservations for the Sixthman Ben Folds cruise before it was cancelled. Bought tickets through the Fan Club. Then got switched over to the PFofJ; when I renewed in 2010, they charged me "shipping" for a membership packet that never arrived, and then ignored requests for a refund. I've even tried to contact CEC Management. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE start a new Ben Folds Fan Club! But don't let anyone who ran the PFofJ anywhere near it!

I find it very disappointing that the "old" fan club was just discontinued and basically the Ben Folds fan club members were just dropped. The fan club was fun and it felt like a community. Now, all we have is this anonymous forum, taken over by sony music, and no real fan club feeling to it. It really is a pity, I am really disappointed as a former fan club member. Does Ben knows about it, why isn't he doing anything about it?

Oh! Just saw this post and completely agree that the fan club arrangements have gone to the dogs!
Ben's people need to know that he is getting a rubbish service and I really miss the good old fan club. Sort it out please!!!!

I have been a long time member of Ben Folds' Fan Club (including Pfofj) but also don't know what's going on. I would love to sign up again. Does anyone have any news or can help?

Guys Dont bother joining Im still waiting for something from the fanclub- I joined in March !! and nobody answers any emails if you have problems....

if there is a fan club count me in, i would love to know when ben comes to salt lake again, saw him again this summer was amazing all for a fan club