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From a genuine fan.

Dear Ben,

Two years ago, I started my college career at Stonehill College. One of my new friends here had similar musical interests as I did, and recommended that I listened to Ben Folds and Ben Folds Five. I instantly fell in love. I got all of your albums, including a signed vinyl version of The Sound of the Life of the Mind from pledge music, supporting your album release. When I heard you were going on tour with BF5 I bought tickets to your show at the Boston House of Blues as soon as they were available, and had been anticipating it for months. I convinced two of my best friends to go with me. Tonight I was so happy when the night finally came. We got there extra early to get good seats and were standing in the front row. I bought a T-shirt before you guys came on and convinced my friends to do the same. My friend finally agreed under one condition... That I hold his beer. Unfortunately I am 20 years old, under the legal age to possess alcohol. A security guard saw the beer go into my hand, and kicked us both out of the concert before it even started. I have never been more disappointed. I know there's nothing you can do, but I really hope you come back to this area of the country again. I'd love to have another chance to see you play. It would truly be an honor. I love what you do, and keep doing what your doing.


A genuine fan