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Getting married so we can get to the show at Merriweather

Posted by Ravenwolf19

So my boyfriend and I have been together for 3 1/2 years and have been talking about getting married. We both knew it would happen, but hadn't set a date. We have been wanting to see Ben Folds in concert, but hadn't seen him on tour in the area. Finally, we saw that he was coming to town!! We were so excited to purchase tickets ( which we got today) but then found out that Todd had a business trip scheduled on the 15th of July. DANG IT!! He contacted his boss telling him that he had vacation scheduled for that time, and could the meeting be scheduled the week before....
His boss said he'd look into it and would get back to him. It didn't sound like it was going to happen, so Todd told him that the plans he had previously scheduled was getting married!! His boss immediately called and said "It's your freaking honeymoon?? Go ahead and schedule your wedding we'll work it out"
So that's why we are getting married on the 15th just so we can see the show. It doesn't hurt that we're crazy in love and were going to do it anyway, but Ben helped us set the date. I thought this was a good story and wanted to share it.
I'm going to take a picture at the ceremony and hope we can get him to sign it!! Wish me luck!