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Go to Australia with me for my birthday!

Posted by Dylan Sharpe

So i noticed that last year you were in Adelaide, Australia last year on the day before my birthday and was very upset that I was not there for it, as I live in America and had not a thought of Australia in my mind. But this winter I am going to be in Australia and it would be a dream come true to see you preform live in Adelaide on my Birthday! or Melbourne will do. I absolutely loved you in Fort Worth last April 27, and if i could see all three of you together!! That would simply be awesome. SO. why don't you consider making a trip to the great down under with me this winter and get away from the nasty cold. Because I also noticed that you are not doing anything important this November according to your tour schedule. Nevermind the reason, take a vacation and preform for my birthday Smile it would make a dedicated fan very happy indeed!