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The Intro to 'Kate'

Hi all,

May I apologise in advance if I'm posting this thread in an inappropriate place. Assuming I haven't, and no forum moderators are furious, I shall move onto the business of the post:

I need some help settling an argument. I am in the middle of a very light-hearted, albeit musically technical conversation about the song 'Kate' from 'Whatever and Ever Amen'. I maintain that there is one cheeky bar on 9-8 (with respect to time signature) in the intro which moves the F in the bass from beat 1 to the upbeat. My friend disagrees, and insists that I am inventing half a beat somewhere.

Would any other Ben Folds enthusiasts like to share their opinion(Drunk? Of course, if the man himself wanted to weigh in on this one, I could officially put it to bed... one can dream!



Ah, the big C from me too, my friend.

The mistake you're making is assuming that it is measured the way it sounds. Until the drums come in, the first chord of the riff is not on the downbeat, rather it is on the "and" of 4 (as it is in the rest of the song). If you were to measure it with it on the downbeat, you would be starting an eighth note late, and then when the drums enter, you would have to take out that extra eighth note, which is where you're getting the 9/8 bar. From a music theoretical perspective, it makes much more sense to measure it all in 4/4, the way it is written in the transcription, as the riff is so pervasive throughout the song in its intended meter.

I'm getting 4/4 too, sorry.

Well I had a look at the music and it would seem the whole piece is in 4/4, though on the first bar there's a quaver rest before the actual intro kicks in, which makes the timing sound off the first time you hear it.
take a looksee.
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Well, if the intro is up to where the lyrics come in on the first verse, disregarding the false start at the very beginning I count all even measures of 4. So I'd be with your friend on this one, sorry!