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Last Summer On Earth 2013 Tour

Posted by WWWBUKTN

I noticed that the Greek Theater in LA has a date for the "Last Summer On Earth Tour" with Ben Folds Five / Guster / Barenaked Ladies.

Last year the tour under the same name was BNL / Big Head Todd / Blues Traveler.

Is this just a one off date or will there be a full tour? Anybody?


Just saw the boys in Columbia, MD - Merriweather venue. Hot and sticky as hell, but they came out and cooked like the badass MFers they are!  Saw them once in the nineties and have caught numerous Ben solo gigs (Princeton, Newport, Wellmont Theatre, and several Beacon Theatre gigs - one where Joe Jackson came out on stage and Ben moved to a drum kit for a few songs - holy crap was THAT great) over the years. Everyone of those shows were awesome.

So we know Mr. Folds knows how to do it right.  But .... my boy Robert Sledge, who is my bass idol and whose playing inspired me to pick up my axe again back in 2000, was indeed in fantastic form at this show.  I have subsequently had to elevate him to GODHEAD status.  Sweet vocals, hugely enthusiastic, and the things that come off that four string are AMAZING! Tone, riffs, power - and just the perfect amount of sad and soulful when using a bow on the double bass. Just the perfect compliment to Ben and Darren. Speaking of the latter - he is a metronome of perfect time and taste, never over-playing. His use of space and dynamics is excellent. Thank you fellows for making my heart smile.

When I got back to my home state (yep - went all the way to MD to see them) I returned to find that my loving wife (at least I thought she was ....) had cleared the house, emptied the account, took the dogs and hasn't been heard from since. She left a one-line note on the counter, and I was served with the big "D" papers one hour later!   To hack a BFF line: I wish I hadn't bought HER dinner ...... like a thousand times!  The week still holds a great lifetime memory thanks to BFF, and as far as she goes, well let's just say I hope she goes FAR (away). 

Anyone have specifics on Robert's tour rig?  Pretty sure he was playing a Yamaha bass; looked like (2) 4x10 Ampeg cabs stacked, couldn't make out the amp head, and no idea what's on the floor besides the trusty Big Muff (assumed).

EVERYONE should see these guys. Makes your life better. Did for me.

Never posted anything (much) in my life but just had to gush-


Great show at DTE Music Theater on July 12. The Band sounded great and maybe I am biased but much better than Guster and Barenaked Ladies. Wishing they were the main act!!!! Too much Barenaked Ladies, at least with the band!!

We've been trying to get a break in out schedule to see them for years. Today we're off to MI to see them. Cannot wait! BFF bound!

I caught this tour in Auburn, Washington, June 29th. The Bare Naked Ladies did their first <strong>Last Summer on Earth Tour</strong> last year and since the world didn't end, decided to do it again, this time with Guster and BFF, according to Karin Bliss of Rolling Stone. British comedy singer Boothby Graffoe opened the show.
It was a great show, but it was the Ladies' house. This might not be the case elsewhere where Ben has a bigger fan base - but they're second on the bill and their stage time is limited. They played the hits (One Angry Dwarf, Brick, Underground, Landed, Song for the Dumped, Selfless, Cold and Composed, Army) and a handful of songs from their latest release, Sound of the Life of the Mind (Erase Me, Sky High, Draw a Crowd, Do It Anyway). There were probably some others, but this is all I can remember right now.
It was my fourth time seeing Ben, the first time seeing BFF and they did not disappoint! But their limited stage time left us lacking the Army sing-along, there were very limited on-stage shenanigans, and no encores - when they left the stage that was it - it was just over.
It was a good show, but I recommend seeing them when it's their house (when they are headlining) to get the full effect.
Ben, Jesse, Robert - I love you guys - thank you for an another amazing night and for your contribution the soundtrack of my life!
Portland, OR

I just went to the Salt Lake City show. I heard 4 of 5 songs that I had not heard before. I'm guessing they are from the new album. Can anyone post a play list from that concert or any of the Last Summer on Earth shows? (I assume his playlist is similar)

I am going to the show at Greek Theater (solo) in Section A. Coming from Long Beach. Anyone interested in carpooling or meeting up at the show? Heather

I met Ben back in 1996 (?) at the Mercury Café ... he was setting up and I just happened to get there early and walk around. I think the "Five" was opening for Radiohead. I was HOOKED! We chatted and he was psyched to be working with Ellen DeGeneres on a movie soundtrack. I also saw him play with the symphony here in Denver in 2010 - what a great show. Cannot wait to reconnect at Red Rocks on June 19. Smile So cool to see him being playful and still as enthusiastic as ever. Still not sure which special person deserves my 2nd ticket! LOL

I am not sure if it is one date. I do know they will be in charelston. SC.