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Posted by Benjamin Jacobs

As a long time fan of Elliott Smith and of Ben Folds, this song has always really spoken to me. Elliott's death was nothing but a tragedy and I feel we lost an amazing artist completely needlessly. It hit me hard when I heard news of his death. He was certainly under appreciated.

I also wished I had a chance to see him perform and personally show my appreciation of what he had done. Just as Ben says, his music got me through a lot of hard times. I felt that I could really relate to a lot of the s*** he spoke about in his music.

That being said I've always wanted to let Ben know that I feel much the same way about his music as I had Elliott's. I'm glad that I've had the pleasure of seeing Ben Folds twice here in Atlanta in the past couple of years. Each time he has played a song that I mentioned I was hoping for as I waited with my girlfriend to enter the venue through backstage (Emaline and Theme From Dr Pyser"). Not sure if he overheard me talking or if it was mere coincidence. I've always wanted to hear him play Late as well, but I am afraid that the song has a bit too much personal meaning to it so I never talk about it at the venue.

In any case, Ben if you read this, I'm glad that it won't be too late for us to tell you how much we appreciate you and your music... for a long time.