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The Luckiest

Posted by Maggielo14

I don't know if you will actually read this but I'm going to try anyway. My name is Maggie and I live in Baldwin, NY. I recently broke up with my girlfriend, the love of my life. I had made some mistakes and was doing a poor job of making up for them. She recently cut me out of her life because of a dumb mistake, and I miss her. People have been telling me I'm better off and maybe that is true, but if I'm never going to see her again of talk to her again, I want to do one last thing for her if of her all time favorite songs is your song The luckiest. She hopes one day someone will ask her to marry her to that song. Now right now she hates me and I'm not asking her to marry me, although I had plans to in the future. Anyway, I don't know if you do this type of thing, but I think she would really be surprised if you showed up and sang that song to her. Shes an amazing girl and deserves something amazing to happen to her and I think it would be really awesome for this to happen. I just want to show her I'm not the loser she thinks I am and that she is amazing. I really hope you get this, or someone passes this on because it would be amazing!

If you do get this my email is <a href=""></a>
Please contact me. It would make my life if you did!

Thank you,