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Management Contact Info?

Posted by adudenamedjeff

Did anyone else on this forum get "VIP" tickets to the BFF Wiltern show that happened a couple months back? The band has consistently been in my top-3 favorite musicians since the 90's (even considered flying across the country to before they announced their west coast tour dates) so when they announced the VIP tickets to see them here in Los Angeles I immediately bought a pair!

As it turned out, the "VIP" treatment was a complete let down and a massive waste of money, (the details of which I won't get into) which left an incredibly bad taste in my mouth on a nite which I was looking forward to for over a decade. So much so that despite being my favorite band for 15+ years (as well as contributing to their pledgemusic page), I'm not even considering going to their Guster/BNL show (even tho the line up is AMAZING!). I still think the guys make/play outSTANDING music together, but if they're being run by folks who would book such poorly organized venues that take advantage of their biggest fans, then I wonder why even bother?

If anyone has contact info for the band's PR or bookings agent, could you please let me know? I'd love to get to the bottom of what happened that night at The Wiltern or at the very least advise them to never book a show there again, if not for myself but on behalf of fans who might still actually go to their concerts. Thanks.