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Music Education

Posted by firepikachu

I have a degree in Music Education from the University of Northern Iowa (primary, saxophone). Today, I just came home from an always wonderful annual convention for the Iowa Bandmasters Association. As I'm cleaning the house from leaving it for a few days and listening to my playlists, Ben of course comes on. I start thinking of when I was lucky enough to see/hear him in a small venue on my college campus back in 2005 (give or take a year). It was awesome, and I was pleasantly surprised at the way Ben led the crowd into harmonies.

I could go on and on about how awesome Ben is, but story short, I know Ben is talented and knows his, AND it would be amazing to have him at our conference. The conference has great national performers throughout the 3 days, but most of them are of the classical variety. We have awesome state jazz performances, including a funk group that came this year, but I can only imagine what great knowledge Ben can give.

I am completely serious in trying to contact Ben for conference. I may only be a little music/dance major, but I know the impact Ben can have in Iowa. How can I attempt to do this?

This will be difficult, but I'm willing to work at it!

Megan Assenmacher-Umthun
B.M. Music Education