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No BFF West Coast WTF?

Posted by blakefoldsfive

Ben Folds Five --- You have to tour dates on the west coast. WTF?! You MUST perform a reunion concert for us on the west coast!


Looking forward to seeing y'all on the West Coast of the United States of America. Davis, California would be an excellent choice. My vote is for Mondavi Center.
The Oakland Fox Theater or the Oakland Paramount Theater are equally swell.

Heard Ben on theNerdist, they're definitely hitting the west coast next year... Can't wait.

According to interviews for TSOTLOTM, Ben expects the band to be touring well into 2013. Seems to me that they're going to pick up a West Coast leg in the spring or early summer after they return from Europe.

YES! Very disappointing that there are no nearby cities to follow BFF on tour. What's wrong with the West Coast????

Yeah, some west-coast or northwest tour dates would be awesome... I mean, I'm going to see them in concert one way or another, but closer would be better.

Also bummed. I missed Ben solo in San Diego in May 2010, and was really hoping to be able to see him for this tour. Hopefully some dates will at least be added after the Europe stuff... I can patiently wait.