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Not visiting Perth in 2012?

Posted by prmunro

If anyone else out there wants to see BFF visit Perth, Western Australia on their 2012 tour please comment!


Absolutely thrilled, delighted and honoured to learn that a Perth show has been added to the tour! THANK YOU BFF!!!! Fantastic effort!!!! So very much appreciated! I can appreciate that touring is gruelling and that you can't please everyone. But in our case, you guys have really come through for us! Many thanks!!! See you soon!!! Smile

Indeed! I have just noted the Melbourne/Sydney/Brisbane dates and I'm very distressed at the lack of a Perth show!!! Sad Come on BFF, please head our way!!! Smile

Hell yeah! Disapointed to see no tour dates for Perth, or even Adelaide, and that shows in OZ are limited to festivals only. Some of us have been fans for years and are still fans after the band broke up, have bought all the albums and still support the band. Why so little consideration for fans in Australia?