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Portland Show Feb 5th - Request Ben,Robert, and Darren

Posted by TDrue

Hello All,

To start this off I want to say how thrilled I am to have the chance to see you all here in Portland.

I was recently reunited with my former girlfriend that I care about more than any other in this world. She now has a little girl that I can't resist either. The reality is we are not more than friends, and the future is highly unclear.

I wanted to request on the night of the show that you play a rendition of "Golden Slumbers" Similar to Ben's Solo Version.Which yikess I really do feel like this is just shy of asking for the sky, I just can't explain what it would mean to me and I'm certain her. Ben's Rendition of this was "our Song" when we had dated in high school. This may not be a possibility but hey guys I still love ya. But just incase her name is Abby....

Taylor L.
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