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Pre ordered new album

Posted by girligoose

Hi everyone, i preordered the cd when Ben tweeted it back in August, and i have had to re-register my details today, (like everyone seems to have had to do) but i cant find anything anywhere to confirm my pre order is waiting to be processed,,, do i have to order it tomorrow now that it will be launched,? please help



'If you book them, they will come...'

I got mine in the mail yesterday. Didn't have to re-order.

Listen to the new album now! <a href="" title=""></a>

also watch Ben's EPK here <a href="" title=""></a>

If you already pre-ordered, you shouldn't need to order again. It will arrive.

Hi, I also Preordered the album quite early and also didn't get a confirmation email to say that it had been shipped. My dad found a part of the website that told us that the album had been ordered, but it didn't say anything about shipping. (I can't really remember how he found that) The album still hasn't turned up though...

I live in the UK so I think it may take a bit of time to get to me. Hope you get your album soon Amanda!

I also pre-ordered when Ben tweeted it out and had to re-register, but I just got the album in the mail today! (So excited!) Did you get a confirmation email after you pre-ordered? It should be arriving soon if so.