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"Say It With A Meme" song lyrics need music

Hi Ben,
I've recently penned the lyrics "Say It With A Meme" which can be found at:
<a href="http://texasthinktank.net/ParodiesAndProsePlus/index.html" title="http://texasthinktank.net/ParodiesAndProsePlus/index.html">http://texasthinktank.net/ParodiesAndProsePlus/index.html</a>
...and hope that you might see fit to compose music for it, as in my mind's ear I'm hearing this as a high energy piano piece.
You might also consider "This Town Needs a Casino", which I recently submitted to the USA Songwriting Competition.
Thanks in advance for your consideration.
chrome dome mike kimbro
Grapevine, Texas USA