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Posted by Kevin

I realize that the site is new and that the final touches are still being made. Maybe features similar to some of these suggestions are in the works already but not yet in effect. But I just had a few ideas for how to make this site more of a community for fans where we can come and interact easily.

The whole premise behind this more interactive forum would be something like "Members" tab. From this tab, you could browse through the members and the content they post, such as forum discussions or even picture/video if you wanted to incorporate that. Each member would also have a page, more easily accessible than the current one. As it is, I can only seem to find other members by who posted last on a forum topic, and once someone else replies, the link changes and the previously listed member disappears magically into cyberspace. By having a way to see all current members and search through them, I think we could build a better community here in support of Ben, which is something I'd be really excited about. Personalized pages for each member would also help to establish a concrete identity for each member rather than just a static username and profile.

Also under this proposed "Members" tab could be featured topics, either from Ben or by members of the community. Things like pictures and video from concerts, covers of Ben's music, or fan art could also be featured here, again building the connections between members. A members search bar could also be found on the "Members" tab, as previously stated, enabling you to find a user's page. This page could include a wall for comments, that member's uploaded content, a list of their favorite Ben Folds songs, whatever. Just something that could tell everyone a little more about them.

I think making some additions like this could really help make the site more of a community, like a social network completely of Ben Folds fans. That's something I know that I would really enjoy, and I'm confident a lot of people would feel the same. What's your opinion: do you agree with these ideas? Disagree? Have any suggestions of your own?

Thanks for reading.


I like this suggestion box idea, so I think i'll pitch some of my own here.
The 'Members' tab sounds great, it would help to build a solid community within the forums. Being able to send Personal Mail is a feature thats included on most forums - I think it could work here; perhaps utilising the facebook/twitter merge and sending it through messages on there instead.

My other thought was about the actual forum pages. At the moment these pages somewhat resemble a blog post more than a forum. Apart from the original poster, and the current last poster, all members in between remain anonymous. Forums are a community, and the community is built by people establishing their identity through posts. This can't be done if all members in the thread stay anonymous, otherwise I wouldn't see the point to signing up in the first place. There's also a space at the side to add in member details, including their profile pics - though I think this is probably on its way.

One final concern would be to have the thread responses going from the top down, instead of starting at the bottom of the comments and working up. It would make it easier to understand the flow of a conversation.