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Touring with Street Corner?

Posted by csandersring

Ben's NBC/SingOff bio page has a little sidebar banner that says he's touring with Street Corner in January, but clicking it just lands on the empty Tour page here and bums me out. Is NBC playing tricks on me or is it confirmed?

And can we make that happen in Des Moines, Iowa? Because THAT would be a show I HAVE to see. If someone could get that rolling for me, I would promise not to be angry with all the tall people in front of me. I would plan ahead and bring my own step-stool. I will make sure I use the restroom before going into the venue, and then not drink anything during the whole concert. I would make sure to take a vitamin B complex to ensure that I remain in a positive, energetic frame of mind, and that way, instead of grouchily tapping the shoulder of the tall guy in front of me, I would just dance with him.

I would be <strong>merry</strong>, which is a pretty big deal.