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Tower show - Real Review

Posted by vaderlicious

This is for the "Ever quirky, Ben Folds Five rises above lame crowd at Tower" article. I was also at the same concert. While I'm a huge fan of the music, the concert was terrible. Ben and crew like to distinguish themselves from every other 'pop' act out there, yet i spent over $150 for really s***ty seats, and when i went to the merch table, T-shirts- f***ing t-shirts- were $25 each! Ben barely talked to the audience- except when he had to tune his piano, and it was hardly 'warm' or 'sending anyone into erupting laughter.' Ben looked and played like he wanted to get done with the show. Then for an encore, they came back out without saying anything and played 3 more songs. Oh, and for the 'carry on my wayward son' cover- it was robert sledge singing acapella style for maybe 10 seconds!! It was NOT a cover! Maybe the crowd was so sluggish because the performance was so mediocre. I've been a fan of this band since '99 and when i heard they regrouped, I felt i had to see them play together before i would never have a chance again- but turns out i should have saw them before they broke up in 2000.