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Very Disappointed Fan in Atlanta

I just discovered this morning that the concert that I have been looking forward to attending tomorrow, for at least a month, has been postponed until the fall. Too bad I paid way too much for my tickets and now cannot get a refund (thanks StubHub). I have been a fan of Ben Folds and Ben Folds Five since high school and was so excited to finally see them live. Now it looks like I never will. Not that I will be living in Atlanta come the fall anyways, but will the tickets purchased for this June show be valid/exchangable for the fall show?


Almost the same boat as you, brother. We bought through Ticketmaster for the Chastain Park show, which was "postponed", according to Ben. But the new listed show is at Tabernacle (smaller venue). When I called Ticketmaster last night, the lady said that she (quote) "thinks" the tickets for Chastain will be accepted at Tabernacle, but that the promoter of the previous show has not informed them one way or the other. I tried calling Tabernacle this morning to confirm, but they don't answer. The really weird thing is that the new pre-sale on TM is still called Chastain.

This is kind of a cluster f***. I think my plan is to wait a few days and call TM again. If it turns out these tickets are worthless, I'll just get the refund and not see the show, leaving a bad taste in my mouth.