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VIP tickets - Seattle Showbox

Posted by DawnTV

We bought VIP tickets on craigslist for the Seattle Showbox gig. We have the tickets and t-shirts, but the original owners of the tickets said they should receive an email a week before the gig specifying the VIP instructions for getting in early, etc. I'm not sure we can rely on the sellers to provide this info via email... Is there a way for us to get this transferred to our email address? We paid LOTS o' money for this, and we'd love to get the info. (We got hitched in August, and this is our wedding gift to each other. So it would be GREAT to get the info! Smile ) Please let us know.

~Dawn & John, Seattle area


I am so pleased to report the sellers came through with flying colors. We have all the info we need for our VIP instructions. Love it! Looking forward to the show!