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Vocal/Choral Arrangements

Posted by andybarnes1976

Are choral arrangements of Ben Folds music, similar to the a capella album, available for purchase? I am looking to fill out a spring program for a youth choir (10th-12th graders) and given the popularity of 'the sing off' would like to do something along the lines of the a capella album.

thank you,
andy barnes


This might be what you're looking for.
<a href="http://www.alfred.com/Products/Ben-Folds-Presents-University-A-Cappella--00-34062.aspx" title="http://www.alfred.com/Products/Ben-Folds-Presents-University-A-Cappella--00-34062.aspx">http://www.alfred.com/Products/Ben-Folds-Presents-University-A-Cappella-...</a>

Hope it helps Laughing out loud