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Watching The Sing Off in New Zealand

Posted by Joseph

Soo.... I am an American and found The Sing Off last year because of HULU. I was so pumped because of the incredible rewarding surprise it was!

What a great season!

Now on Season 2. Hmm well I will just say.... technically I am not supposed to be able to watch The Sing Off in New Zealand.... but ya know what. I didn't download it so no stealing involved.

I introduced my girlfriend to The Sing Off. I am so thankful that she is into it because I have had to put up with Glee for a while now. She appreciates the talent and dedication and selflessness that is involved in singing in a good acapella group now. Of course I had to explain some stuff to her.

Ben Folds Film Premiere? When are we going to see this? In a short film or feature film I think its about time you get in one!

Do you ever plan on coming to New Zealand Mr Ben Folds?

Also, I have a project that I am working which would be a dream if you were to get involved!

I am a Film Maker living in Wellington, New Zealand... the place that Lord of The Rings came from. As well as Avatar if you're into that.

I am ramping up towards a short film project set to an Elliot Smith song. Its a Western Revenge story. There is a few things I am trying to get off the ground with it but I need a little bit of Star Power to push things forward. I will keep persistently trying to contact you about it! It would be great to have a chat/email.

Its a project of passion for me and something I want to do as a salute to Elliot and to introduce more people to his music.

Also, I don't know if you are/were down with Steve Jobs. But you should write a song about him! That would make my year!

Thanks for listening to my rant! Hopefully I'll hear from you!