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Why is Ben Folds Five playing Landed?

Posted by frizbee9

big fan & love the new BF5 album. i've been following the bands setlists lately as i wait for an LA date.

i've noticed they are playing ben's solo song, Landed. why are they doing this?

nothing against the song, it's fine and enjoyable...i would support playing it if BF5 didn't have other songs that were worthy enough to be put into the setlist....but the fact remains....BF5 has songs that are way better and resonate more than Landed does.

aside from the fact that it doesn't feel right them playing that song, i hate knowing that another BF5 song that i don't get to hear live normally would get skipped over for a solo ben song that is played at every one of his solo gigs.

anyone else feel the same? has ben or the band explained why they are playing this?


really - i think you might find the clues in the name "Ben Folds" - his band, his rules?

plus - it's a fcking awesome song......

So what if one Ben Folds song is being played at BFF shows. Did you complain when BFF songs were played at Ben Folds shows? It took me 8 shows to finally hear "Emaline" live.

i've tried to get a reply to this but so far....nothing. i'd just like to know why some really great BFF songs are passed up for a BF solo song?