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Kate (with Ben Folds Five)

She plays wipe out on the drums The squirrels and the birds come Gather 'round to sing the guitar Oh - I...have you got nothing to say When all words fail, she speaks Her mix tapes a masterpiece Walks through the garden So the roses can see Oh - I ... have you got nothing to say And you can see the roses in her footsteps Dandelions, butterflies I wanna be Kate Everyday she wears the same thing I think she smokes pot She's everything I want She's everything I'm not Oh - I ... have you got nothing to say She never gets wet She smiles and it's a rainbow And she speaks and she breathes I wanna be Kate Down by Rosemary and Cameron She hands out the Bhagavad Gita I see her 'round every couple days I wanna meet her so that I can say, "Hey ..." By Ben Folds, Darren Jessee, & Anna Goodman