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Rockin' The Suburbs

  • Producers:
  • Release Date: 2001
1 Play Track Annie Waits
2 Play Track Zak And Sara
3 Play Track Still Fighting It
4 Play Track Gone
5 Play Track Fred Jones Part 2
6 Play Track The Ascent Of Stan
7 Play Track Losing Lisa
8 Play Track Carrying Cathy
9 Play Track Not The Same
10 Play Track Rockin' The Suburbs
11 Play Track Fired
12 Play Track The Luckiest

Reviews for this album

Hey guys. Just looking for some sheet music. Mostly for the luckiest ( trying to learn it for my wedding but struggling , it turns out Ben may be more talented than I had in mind ), can you get it from this site somewhere ?

I bought this record in 2002 in Cagliari, my home town, in my favorite record store.
Giacomo, one of my friends of the store, told me something like "I think you'll like it, just listen!".
I got back home, I listened to it, but just one song brought me into itself, 'The ascent of Stan', all the other ones had no effect...
Nine years later, one day I go to my old house, the one where I was living when I bought the CD, with so many things to do very quickly, because now I have a wife and two children and we all live in a small town far from Cagliari and a father must be back home as soon as possible and all those things I'm sure you understand, and I see this CD, many years standing on a shelf, and I suddenly have an idea "How about listening to it in the car going back home?''...
The CD has been playing since november in my ca, my children (7 1/2 and 3 1/2 years old) can sing many of the songs, although they can't get a word (they don't speak english at all) and I don't think I'll change the record before a month or two!
Maybe because my lovely wife makes me feel "The luckiest"...
or maybe I'm ten years older, and the love affairs of young boys and girls now make me remind of what I was many years ago...
Mmm, those ones can be good reasons for me to appreciate this CD, but I think that I like it because it's simply a wonderful box where I found every time beautiful music filled into beautiful songs... and with my beloved guitar in just two songs!!!
Thank you Ben, I have just discoverd that we are both born in 1966, and now I'm really proud of it!!!