Nov 8, 2010

Boston is one of the last stops on Ben's <i>Lonely Avenue</i> Tour, but that didn't stop him from taking the time to chat with BU's <i>The Quad</i> this week. Read a snippet of the interview below, then click <a href="" target=blank>HERE</a> to read the full story!

<b>Are you excited to start the tour?</b>

Yeah! It’s always great to start a tour. Always nice to start, and always nice to get home, you know?

<b>Definitely. So to start off – what can you tell us about the basic concept behind the new record?</b>

Sure. There wasn’t any sort of lyrical concept behind the album, or anything. Nick would send me his lyrics by email, and I would write to them.

<b>Where did you get the idea for this type of project, someone else writing lyrics for you? What was the initial inspiration?</b>

Nick and I have been talking about it for a while. I can’t remember when we exactly began this project… it’s been a while. I mean, it just really made sense. He’s a writer, and I write to lyrics. Usually what I do is write my own lyrics, and I’ve always been really happy when I had a good set of lyrics to write music to. When we decided we were going to do this, it was all pretty quick and easy.

<b>Was it hard to translate someone’s work into music?</b>

It wasn’t difficult. Every set of lyrics presents its own unique challenge, but most of it comes to me pretty quickly. There are definitely humps that you got to get over in order to make it flow and feel right, but for the most part, it all happened quickly.

<b>Was there any correspondence after you would write a song? Like, did Nick have any sort of opinion when it came to the musical side of things?</b>

I would send him an MP3 usually within twenty four hours of his sending me an email. I mean, most of them he simply liked and there wasn’t much to say. A couple times he seemed a little confused as to why I took a certain direction, but that confusion didn’t last long… he sunk in pretty soon. I think sometimes that, if you have some sort of preconceived notion of what a song should be like, it takes a while to sink in. But yeah, he was immediately pretty happy with the music that I’d written.

Read the full interview <a href="" target=blank>HERE</a>.

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