Ben Folds, Alicia Witt Contribute Song To Upcoming 'Pasadena' Film | The Official Ben Folds Site


Apr 5, 2013

Writer and director Will Slocombe worked on his movie Pasadena all his life. ... It's set to world premiere at the Sarasota Film Festival.

... The score composed by William C. White, helps tell the story with the music setting the scenes, Slocombe adds, but there's a late addition by another musician. Slocombe had a DVD screener of the movie ready to show to some cast members at actress Alicia Witt's house, who plays Nina in the film.

"She says, 'My friend Ben is going to be there,' and I walk in, and it's Ben Folds," Slocombe said. Folds watched the movie, and seeing how he and Witt have collaborated on music before, they decided to come up with a song for the movie to play at the end credits, he says.

... "Ben came up with a Burt Bacharach-esque song, and had this really cool Beach Boys shuffle to it, and now it plays over the end of the credits," he says, and so Witt and Folds wrote and perform the song that you'll hear in the movie. They're working on shooting a music video for the song, too, he says.

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