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Apr 11, 2014

Ben Folds has a notion that may help orchestras around the world draw new ticket buyers.

"People, this will get you laid," the renowned alt-rock pianist declares.

Folds, who performs with the St. Louis Symphony Orchestra April 12 and 13 as part of its Live at Powell Hall series, has made his respect for orchestras known throughout his career. But this idea of chamber music leading to sexytime is new to us.

"It's the best place to take anyone on a date. It's perfect," Folds insists. "It's not loud as shit, you're not talking over each other, you're seated and you can make a move under the program sheet.

For the St. Louis shows, Folds will bring with him a new piano concerto that he debuted with the Nashville Symphony Orchestra in March. But while the piece has its roots in classical music, Folds surely will add some rock & roll to the performance, reminding us that orchestras have more vibrancy than the public sometimes gives them credit for.

"What works at the end of the day is great music and giving people something they can't see anywhere else," Folds insists. "And, God, you can see so many things with a symphony orchestra that you can't see anywhere else. It's a band capable of anything."

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