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  • Aug 31, 2010
    <p>Tune in for “Lonely Interviews” tonight with Cyndi Lopez at 7PM EST and Chris Janssen at 8PM EST.&nbsp; Tomorrow Ben will be joined by David Fairbanks and Ryan from Yellowcard!</p><p>Visit <a href="" title=""></a> to watch the interviews!</p> Read more»
  • Aug 31, 2010
    Ben Folds will be participating in a live fundraising event to benefit victims of the floods in Pakistan, which airs online at today starting at 4 PM GMT / 11 AM ET. The event, led by singer/songwriter Imogen Heap and Sir Richard Branson, will feature live music and open discussion. Folds will offer a live musical performance, as will Heap, Amanda Palmer, Kate Havnevik, KT Tunstall, Josh Groban, Kaki King, Zoe Keating, and Mark Isham. Those scheduled to speak at the event include Branson, Mary Robinson, Cameron Sinclair, Mark Pearson (live from Karachi), Gary Slutkin, and Read more»
  • Aug 30, 2010
    Hi all, Here's the videosong with Pomplamoose and Nick Hornby:  If you don't know Pomplamoose then scout around their YouTube channel and you'll see what they do. I think their patented "VideoSong" format is brilliant and the more you see it the more it sinks in.  All tracks and overdubs are recorded  on video and audio simultaneously.  Their rule is literally that anything you hear will be seen at some point.  During all edits video and audio remain locked so that for instance, if you punch into a vocal track three times in one line and you were showing the Read more»
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