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  • Feb 10, 2009
    Note from Ben on the New Stems and Seeds Album.... One disc is a remix, remaster, re-sequence of "Way To Normal" along with the now legendary (in our own minds) 'fake' tracks, the Japanese version of "Hiroshima," the Conan Rehearsal of "You Don't Know Me" (with Regina Spektor) and the Piano Orchestra version of "Cologne" - a total of 20 tracks. The other is a disc of files, called stems, which will pop up in Garageband and allow you to mix the album yourselves. Just click on the file of the song you want to mix and you'll quickly understand how it works. If you'd like to turn the drums off Read more»
  • Feb 05, 2009
    Check out Ben Folds’ piano lesson available for purchase from Apple’s GarageBand Lesson Store In his lesson Ben offers step-by-step instructions for chords, finger positions, and techniques for his hit song “Brick.” Play along with your instructor, Ben, or take your skills to the next level and jam with the band. You can even select and listen to individual instruments from multitrack recordings available only on GarageBand. You can control the mix and instrumentation, so you can hear or play whatever you want — even slow things down to make learning easier. This lesson and other artist Read more»
  • Dec 16, 2008
    We're giving away a new 2 disk set to all current members of my fan club, The People's Front Of Judea and to anyone who joins the fan club before Feb 15th. As you may have noticed, records have been getting louder and more compressed over the last ten years or so. Many like a loud record, many do not. The official version of "Way To Normal" is very loud and this was the intention. Loud records sound good on car stereos, iPods and on the radio. Quieter records are more dynamic and while they don't compete so well on a mix tape, they often sound better on good audio equipment. Many of my fans Read more»
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