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Jun 12, 2012

When a band gets back together there are two questions in everyone’s mind: “Are they going to play the old stuff?” and “Is it going to be as good as it was back then?” In the case of the Ben Folds Five, the answers are yes and yes. ... But BFF wasn’t just a case of nostalgia. Some of the songs had been reworked and the musicianship is of an even higher caliber. ... Overall the trio delivered one of the best sets of the weekend. - American Songwriter

A rabid crowd hung on every word that Folds uttered ... This trio still rocks with the best. The boisterous “Jackson Cannery” is one of the best set-opening songs ever, “Theme From Dr. Pyser” sounded as if the band had never split to begin with, and “Army” exhibited plenty of the familiar piano-pop bounce associated with the band for so long. Playing it close to the vest still equals big fun for BFF. - Glide Magazine

Ben Folds Five ... played for several thousand fans on the massive Which Stage. Folds, who has performed at Bonnaroo with his solo band, told the audience he loves playing Bonnaroo because it is a “real-music” festival and focused on material from the recently reunited band’s classic catalog. “Brick” and “Battle Of Who Could Care Less” were two highlights. -

Ben Folds Five took to the Which Stage to play some “old shit.” Frontman Ben Folds told the crowd he loved playing Bonnaroo because it’s a real music festival as he stood atop his piano to take a photo of the crowd flipping him off. Having more fun with the crowd, Folds improvised a tune early on when he forgot the lyrics to a song and later complimented the audience on their fine singing skills as they took charge of singing the horn part of the song “Army.” - Paste Magazine

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