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Jun 29, 2012

Currently in the studio recording the band’s first new studio album in 15 years, the creator of ’90s radio favorites such as “Battle of Who Could Care Less,” “One Angry Dwarf and Two Hundred Solemn Faces” and the Top 40 hit “Brick” is ready to tackle the music industry yet again.

“I have been calling this album ‘the beast’,” says Folds, who has been enthusiastically documenting the recording process via Twitter. “Hopefully it doesn’t sound ambitious because you don’t want to burden the listener . . . but it is ambitious. I have never been one to jump up and down and congratulate myself for a record well done, but I think it’s a good and solid album. I consider myself very lucky to make records with two guys who can, just by putting some notes on tape, make something unique. We sound like us.”

Indeed, the resurrection of Ben Folds Five comes to the great delight of its loyal group of fans.

Read more at the Chicago Sun-Times.

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I just can't wait to that new album release. "the beast" I loved that name. Because Ben is the best xD