Oct 8, 2010

Ben did a pretty lengthy (and pretty great) interview with Mog Music Network this week, touching on everything from his latest project, <i>Lonely Avenue</i> to a possible Ben Folds Five reunion.

MMN: You’ve always had more of an organic fan base than big hits. Do you see a difference in the way you approach letting your fans know about a record like this, as opposed to the way you would have done in Ben Folds Five?

Ben Folds: You had to state your case and get jury approval just to put the record out to begin with. Some of us had more instant sway or intimidation power than others did. I know some artists got f***ed with a lot more than others. It was like, “God this guy can’t even finish his record when his record company is in there changing the mix and adding musicians and changing producers.” Others like us just went in and recorded and they didn’t say anything.

<a href="" target=blank>Check out rest of the interview by clicking here!</a>

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