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Oct 22, 2010

Hello All,

I got busy - was going to write something last week... oops.

I'm playing a <a href=",1,3,3,3&PerfNo=2620" target=blank>benefit for our local Schermerhorn Hall in Nashville</a> which was badly flooded. 40 million dollars of damage. The Nashville Symphony Orchestra and I will play together on Nov 27th for this benefit and the Symphony are giving their time as well.
<a href=",1,3,3,3&PerfNo=2620" target=blank>NOV 27th at TPAC Nashville
NOV 27th at TPAC Nashville
NOV 27th at TPAC Nashville
NOV 27th at TPAC Nashville</a>

We're directing some of the proceeds to local volunteer fire departments too. Imagine going through something like that flood without the fire department. These guys are full time! Absolutely amazing. I want to be a f***ing fireman when I grow up!

One of my favorite conductors, Francisco Noya is flying down from Rhode Island and donating his time for this show! Jason Sudeikis is flying down just to be there for moral support along with a few others. And! My new friend Ethan Bortnick, 9 year old piano sensation is coming in to play a couple songs!

A little about Ethan:
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He's a brilliant pianist at such a young age and he's also wise and articulate beyond his years. He's still a little boy and he's still only 9 but he's got such talent and such a big heart. Part of what's inspiring about him is watching him take it all in and learn so quickly. Its an instant gratification I've not experienced many times personally. We spent a day in the studio playing around. I was corrupting his technique teaching him One Angry Dwarf, playing the inside of the piano, playing shaker on the microphone! haha. We had a blast. We filmed the day but I felt the footage made me look like I had a big ass so we didn't put it out. That was supposed to be a joke...

Ethan tours sometimes and if you can, you should see him now. He raises money for quite a few great causes... I mean, a lot of it. A force for good. Plus he gets a normal child upbringing too - he played on the trampoline with Louis, Gracie and Julia-Rose as easily as he worked in my studio.

I believe he'll be in this for a long long time but seeing him while he's in this phase, at this age... there's nothing more uplifting. Don't worry, I didn't teach him any Dr Dre.... although Weird Al did use the word 'testicle' in his presence... not so bad.

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