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Feb 10, 2009

Note from Ben on the New Stems and Seeds Album....

One disc is a remix, remaster, re-sequence of "Way To Normal" along with the now legendary (in our own minds) 'fake' tracks, the Japanese version of "Hiroshima," the Conan Rehearsal of "You Don't Know Me" (with Regina Spektor) and the Piano Orchestra version of "Cologne" - a total of 20 tracks.

The other is a disc of files, called stems, which will pop up in Garageband and allow you to mix the album yourselves. Just click on the file of the song you want to mix and you'll quickly understand how it works. If you'd like to turn the drums off or down, or if you want to use loops or turn that damn singer off and sing it yourself, it's all possible. We've included extra loops with the song "You Don't Know Me" hoping someone could maybe come along and make a hit out of this fucking song.


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