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Sep 4, 2012

Asked why Ben Folds Five broke up back in 2000, bandleader Ben Folds offers a surprising explanation: "Darren [Jessee, the band’s drummer] made a pass at my mom. That just wasn’t acceptable." Folds, long known for a barbed sense of humor, is joking, of course, and this skewed worldview is ever present on “The Sound of the Life of the Mind,” the band’s first album in 13 years, out on Sept. 18.

The first track, “Erase Me,” shows that Folds, 45, has matured but still shows flashes of playful anger. “We wanted something up front to make people feel comfortable that we hadn’t gone off a cliff, because a lot of stuff was gonna be different,” says Folds of the song, which contains the line, “Erase me/Do me like a bro and tase me.”

... “When I listen to the album and think about the process we went through, we needed that time,” he says. “The album is exactly as it should be, and I’m really proud of it.”

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Ben Folds Five - The Sound Of The Life Of The Mind

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