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Oct 1, 2010

‘Intelligent, funny, heartbreaking alt-rock.’ -Mojo

‘A fantastic album. The melodies soar in time-honoured Folds style, the lyrics are subtle and lovely and deftly done.’ -GQ

‘The first of what one hopes will be many collaborations between Folds and Hornby proves to be an intelligent, sometimes amusing, sometimes moving, but always engaging collection of songs, pitched somewhere between Randy Newman and an Anglo-American Divine Comedy. Hornby's knack for distilling the essence of a situation into a few telling lines is well matched by Folds's ability to find the apt setting, be it Beach Boy-ish harmonies, Devo-esque electropop or a blend of rippling piano, rattling snare and French horn redolent of New Orleans.’ -Independent

‘This year's singer songwriter classic.’ -Monocle

‘A collection of wry, tender songs that tackles subjects as eclectic as divorce and attack dogs. This is music for the generation that has seen it all, done most of it and is now sitting in the kitchen with a half-empty bottle, wondering what it all meant.’ -Observer

‘An affecting and intelligent record: the pair shouldn’t shy away from a sequel.’ -BBC Music

‘Buoyant, ‘70s-inflected pop.’ -Q

‘A rich, varied set of tunes.’ -Mail On Sunday

‘What a lovely record. Magic. Heavenly.’ -Daily Express

‘Two great writers, one great album of “musical short stories”. Hornby's pithy, smart lyrics fit the bittersweet Folds' style perfectly and Folds, in turn, steps up to the plate with some of his most achingly beautiful melodies and arresting arrangements yet.’ -Scotsman

‘Folds’ most musically accomplished set since going solo.’ -Clash

‘Folds' finest record yet, and while nobody would dare suggest that Nick Hornby would give up his day job, a sequel to this fascinating collaboration would be more than welcome.’ -MusicOMH

‘Gymnastic piano arrangements get hitched to observational storytelling. This is classic songwriting.’ -Attitude

‘A compelling return to form.’ -Record Collector

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