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Oct 1, 2010

“This is the beauty of Lonely Avenue...each track is a little story, often told in the first person, about what it's like to be a 9-year-old girl, a washed up rockstar, or the world’s most famous hockey-playing teen dad. And in every story, there’s something relatable.”

Lonely Avenue is an adventure in genre-crossing and a testament to an artistic friendship. It’s also a collection of 11 rich and unusual songs.”

“Empathy and humor run throughout: With Folds as his tuneful voice, Hornby describes a prim suburbanite’s tolerance of his porn-watching metalhead neighbor (‘Your Dogs’); laments a singer forced to reprise his only hit about an ex (‘Belinda’); and feels for a wheelchair-bound, Brill Building–era songwriter (‘Doc Pomus’).”

“The mere idea of sharp tunesmith Ben Folds partnering with equally clever—and music-minded—novelist Nick Hornby (High Fidelity) to record an album of songs with music by the former and lyrics by the latter is enough to send fans of both into paroxysms of pure pop joy. The execution does not disappoint.”

“One of the most interesting collaborations of the year...remember, this is Ben Folds, and his recordings always are musically smart. But now, with Nick Hornby on board, they'll also make you think twice.”

“Folds’ music and Hornby’s words make happy, effortless lovers. They’re both elaborate without becoming self-conscious, and eccentric without being perverse.”

Lonely Avenue showcases Hornby’s incisive, character-driven lyrics and Folds’ catchy pop melodies. The two seem to be cut exactly from the same cloth when it comes to their writing—witty and funny in one sense, and poignant and provocative in the other.”

“What happens when a smart and seasoned American piano man (Ben Folds) puts his keening voice and crafty tunes to the lyrics of a noted British novelist/screenwriter (Nick Hornby) obsessed with pop culture? Great things, a wondrous ride down the paths of Lonely Avenue.”

“Obsessive pop-music fans will fall hard for Lonely Avenue.”

“Masterful and catchy”

“More sweet than cynical on this outing, Folds and Hornby are perfectly complementary as a pair of smart-asses with sentimental sides.”

“Collaborations like these rarely live up to their hype, but Lonely Avenue truly works as Hornby and Folds seamlessly accent one another.”

Lonely Avenue is the kind of collaboration in which neither party really needed the other—each was doing just fine on his own. But in this symbiotic relationship, each one brings out the best in the other, yielding mini-Hornby novels re-interpreted and set to music by Folds.”
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