• Dec 18, 2009
    Dear All, I've gotten quite a few emails and letters asking how judges are making decisions on which groups are voted off Sing Off. Most agree though I got a few suggestions to put down various crack pipes. What I'm listening for is to be moved or entertained. If that doesn't happen my experience has to kick in and I must analyze in a way I can quickly relay my thoughts to the bands (I like to call em bands...) Each subsequent performance should show improvement at a rate that makes me comfortable giving the band a record deal next week. Solving one problem and creating another can Read more»
  • Dec 17, 2009
    We're selling off all of our old "dated" tour t-shirts (2007 tour / 2008 tour). You can purchase a grab bag of 3 randomly selected shirts for the low price of $15. Click here for men's shirts and here for women's. Happy Holidays! Read more»
  • Dec 15, 2009
    Hi all, Thanks for the overflowing mailbox of kind notes about the Sing Off show. It shows that a cappella is growing and my interest is in not just growing the audience but pushing the genre and the art form. A few of us had a twitter conversation (@benjaminfolds) last night after the TV show which threatened to be too much information for that format and probably clogged everyone's twitter boxes so I thought I'd put up a quick piece for tonight. A cappella is as old as ye hills. Its just singing and I can't think of anything more musically natural and basic. Its emergence as a Read more»
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