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  • Dec 16, 2008
    We're giving away a new 2 disk set to all current members of my fan club, The People's Front Of Judea and to anyone who joins the fan club before Feb 15th. As you may have noticed, records have been getting louder and more compressed over the last ten years or so. Many like a loud record, many do not. The official version of "Way To Normal" is very loud and this was the intention. Loud records sound good on car stereos, iPods and on the radio. Quieter records are more dynamic and while they don't compete so well on a mix tape, they often sound better on good audio equipment. Many of my fans Read more»
  • Nov 04, 2008
    The next two installment of the exclusive iTunes program ‘Sound of Last Night…This Morning’ was recorded live in Dallas and Houston. You can only get these live tracks on iTunes. LIVE IN DALLAS (EP) ONE ANGRY DWARF 200 SOLEMN FACES Read more»
  • Oct 28, 2008
    Check out KIDD KRADDICK VIDEOS to see some interview and performance footage from Ben Folds. CLICK HERE Read more»
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