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  • Dec 16, 2013
    High Art and High Water - Ben Folds Featured In Cover Story At Native Magazine
    With a professional music career spanning nearly twenty years, Ben Folds has etched his name in rock ‘n’ roll and earned the right to lose the sales pitch and get right to his opinions. ...Ben’s business is different and he’s assembled a team that strikes a healthy balance with a smart focus on the value of music as an educator, healer, connector, and enhancer. “Because I work with people who are all really interested in helping people, we leverage a lot of energy toward these things. I use my quasi-celebrity status where I can,” he says with self-awareness. ...Hustling for a donation and Read more»
  • Dec 12, 2013
    A Word From Ben Folds On 'The Sing-Off'
    My Long-Ass Post About Sing Off and A Cappella Music IN A WORLD where evidence was compelling to policy makers, Oakland School For The Arts' (a public school) "Vocal Rush," our youngest group on this year's Sing Off, would be Exhibit A, illustrating that arts in education produces well-rounded, focused, intelligent, well-spoken and happy students. The kind of students who are productive, but more importantly, innovative members of society. The data has shown us that test scores improved profoundly when academic classes are peppered with music classes. Students, like the young people of "Vocal Read more»
  • Dec 09, 2013
    The nation's ten best a cappella groups duke it out on The Sing-Off, premiering Monday at 9/8c after The Voice on NBC. Read more»
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