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  • Apr 05, 2011
    My first Virginia gig was with my band Majosha opening for a group with a big hit called "Walk The DInosaur" (name that band and I'll give you a cookie). I remember one of the singers throwing a s*** fit over his monitors. I was very impressed because I'd never seen a diva fit before. One day I want to throw one of those, just to have something to tell my grandkids about one day.<br /><br />In our early days Ben Folds Five would always put Bruce Hornsby on the guest list. That was just to impress the club owners since we didn't know Bruce and had no Read more»
  • Mar 22, 2011
    <p>Tickets for Ben's concert with the Dallas Symphony on June 15th go on sale beginning March 23rd.</p><p>For more information visit <a href="" title=""></a></p> Read more»
  • Mar 09, 2011
    <p>Hello All,</p><p>I'm in London Heathrow on the way back home and thought I'd drop a note to say hi.</p><p>* I have been asked a lot about the a cappella across the midwest project/experiment we started and when it would be finished. We put in some editing time before the European tour but I couldn't get that beast finished - there was a lot of superfluous noise to begin with that took quite a bit of time to deal with. I'm not precious about recording noise but 8 venues with heating units, system buzz, rattle snakes, chatter, footsteps, Read more»
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