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  • Dec 16, 2010
    Ben Folds is coming to Tulsa, and we've got a special presale for the Ben Folds Fan Club beginning <b>Thursday, December 16 at 5PM Local Venue Time</b>! Remember, presale tickets are limited and available on a first come, first served basis, so get your tickets while we've got them! Several special ticket bundles will also be available for purchase along with regular presale tickets. The packages include a Premium Reserved Ticket, a Signed Ben Folds Lithograph, a Commemorative Ben Folds Laminate and the option to purchase a digital download of Ben's new album, Read more»
  • Dec 15, 2010
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  • Dec 14, 2010
    Ben's latest blog about Night 3 of <i>The Sing Off</i> is up! Click <a href="" target=blank>HERE</a> to read it, and don't forget to tune in tomorrow at 8/7c on NBC to watch Night 4! Read more»
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