Concerto for Piano
and Orchestra

Ben Folds' Concerto for Piano and Orchestra

Ben Folds wrote his Concerto for Piano and Orchestra with the intent of creating an original composition that would pay homage to the classical masterpieces, while appealing to a new generation of music lovers and music students coming into their own.

His three-movement concerto - featured on his record "So There" - has received critical acclaim from classical and rock critics alike, and debuted #1 on both the Billboard Classical and Classical Crossover charts.

Ben gives credit for his life-long love of music to his earliest teachers and mentors, men and women who took the time to encourage and inspire him to find his true voice.

Throughout his career as a pop artist, Ben has been an outspoken advocate for symphony orchestras and orchestral music, having performed to sold-out crowds with some of the greatest orchestras in the world in the past decade. During his performances, he frequently addresses new orchestra audiences about the cultural relevance and importance of the orchestra to their respective communities, with an eye toward bringing them back to the classics as well as forging ahead into the future with whatever intelligent hybrids of classical and contemporary music that may lie ahead.

Ben once wrote that "the enthusiasm for the institution of the Symphony Orchestra is more incredible than you can know. People intuitively understand that the orchestra is the symbol of civilization itself." He further wrote that "it's time that the symbol of civilization itself, the symphony orchestra, can inspire and remind us how working together makes something more beautiful than the sum of its parts. In truth, we need that institution more than it needs us."

In that vein, Ben has chosen to make the entire scores - with all instrument parts - of his concerto available HERE as downloadable PDF files.

To complement the printed scores, Ben also offers the audio tracks of the entire concerto at a discount price HERE. For $2.99, you will receive downloads of all the tracks for all three movements.

It's Ben sincere desire that his new composition can become a tool to inspire and educate young musicians and composers now and for years to come.

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